Our house is completed!  We closed on the house July 16th, 2001.  
To see an overview of the lot, click here.

7/16/10 - I did my first major Scooba repair, replacing the solution intake valve - Photos

4/26/10 - Pics after a weekend of major ass busting - Photos

4/23/10 - Pics of various stuff from last few months - Photos

2/3/10 - Jeremy did some amazing night photos using various camera tricks - Photos

1/25/10 - I forgot to post xmas pics, also aftermath of week long cold snap on our landscape - Photos

1/6/10 - It's not supposed to get this cold in South Florida - Photos

12/29/09 - I built a pull up and box jump station in our yard. - Photos

12/9/09 - Nothing to do with the house but here is tail gate jumping - Photos

11/15/09 - Here are pics of the new shed, the new gate and the new motorcycle among others - Photos

10/5/09 - I made a small, portable dog deck - Photos

8/31/09 - The great room painting has been completed - Photos

8/2/09 - Kitchen and accent wall has been painted. - Photos

7/26/09 - First section of the great room was painted - Photos

7/23/09 - Mom and I had an epic Wii session. Ghost orchid pics too - Photos

7/22/09 - I got sick of looking at the rusty drip rails on the party van - Photos

7/13/09 - The living room was repainted - Photos

4/27/09 - I fixed our Maytag Washer that was walking across the floor - Photos

4/9/09 - FINALLY we have new kitchen counter tops! - Photos

12/2/08 - 2008 holiday decorations - Photos

10/30/08 - Post pressure washing pics, Phils win! - Photos

10/20/08 - Pics of the mostly completed landscaped area refresh project - Photos

9/3/08 - The office was painted, ibis pictures, landscaping - Photos

8/20/08 - Pictures from Tropical Storm Fay - Photos

7/15/08 - We finally got around to expanding and renovating our garden area - Photos

5/14/08 - A 73 INCH tv has moved into the house, wow - Photos

5/1/08 - Cats n Spiders - Photos

4/28/08 - Mom moved! - Photos

3/17/08 - The next major project, FENCING - Photos

12/3/07 - Our sparse 2007 Christmas decorations - Photos

11/25/2007 - Wow no updates forever.  Turkey day 4 day weekend was a painting-fest - Photos

7/23/07 - Pictures from surgery on my neighbor's HP 3800DN - Photos

7/9/07 - Giant grasshopper, fireworks, melons and more - Photos

6/18/07 - Not house pics, but who cares.  Dog & VB pictures - Photos

5/16/07 - A few quick pictures of some plants - Photos

4/9/07 - Pictures of the property after 55 bags of mulch - Photos

2/12/07 - The ongoing gallery of the sprinkler project - Photos

2/12/07 - A few pictures from our Super Bowl Party - Photos

1/24/07 - Some pics of the wood storks hanging out at our place and the live xmas trees - Photos

12/12/06 - Pictures of our holiday decorations and my 22 inch monitor - Photos

11/28/06 - We got the Camry Hybrid we wanted for awhile, it is awesome, some pics of Port Royale - Photos

9/4/2006 - Soggy property, the super computer, fat cat and more - Photos

7/5/06 - The pool cage is back, along with some new additions for the area - Photos

5/29/06 - Here are some pics of the latest state of the Duffey estate - Photos

2/21/06 - The frost we had really did a number on our landscaping - Photos

1/30/06 - The Party Van has arrived - Photos

12/5/05  - December Xmas lights and new furniture pics - Photos

10/29/05 - Hurricane Wilma did a number on us - Photos

4/18/05 - Zoo pics, sodding and more - Photos

3/14/05 - We built a small deck in Nicki's area - Photos

2/8/05 - Progress pics on Nicki area, another snake, SB dog pics - Photos

12/3/04 - All tiling is DONE.  Dirt pics, Holidays, Heat Pump, Roomba - Photos

11/15/04 - I finally started the final phase of tiling areas of the house - Photos

10/04/04 - Some pictures after a full weekend of weed blocking and mulching & other October things - Photos

9/14/04 - We actually boarded up for Ivan (even though we didn't need to) - Photos

8/17/04 - Look at pictures related to hurricane Charley - Photos

7/26/04 - Only a few additions in recent months - Photos

3/8/04 - See the results of "Project Month" - Photos

1/26/04 - We finally got our spare bedroom cleaned up - Photos

12/08/03 - Happy Holidays, check out our house decorated for Xmas - Photos

9/29/03 - RAIN, TONS OF RAIN, over 6 inches in a day RAIN. LOOK - Photos

8/26/03 - August 2003, the month we did the TILE. Argh. - Photos

7/8/03 - It's July, here are some pics of our projects for this month. - Photos

6/16/03 - Catch more snake pics for June - Photos

5/27/03 - More project update pics and GATORS!!!!!! - Photos

3/4/03 - Our new outside storage shed has arrived, check it out! - Photos

2/10/03 - Some February pics of recent changes/additions - Photos

12/8/02 - Perfect December day , we had woodstork visitors! Sunset pics. Photos

11/29/02 - Day after Thanksgiving, hung the Xmas lights and took pictures of the property. Photos

10/25/02 - We got new bedroom furniture, check it out! Photos

8/19/02 - Some updated pics, Corkscrew sanctuary, tornado damage (we think) and pics of our latest projects Photos

7/31/02 - Want to see what 5 inches of rain in an afternoon does to our property? Photos 

7/05/02 - 5 months is a long time but we have been busy.  Check out some pic of the erosion problems we have had and our work to fix it. Photos
Here are some 4th of July pictures

2//05/02 - Happy New Year!  We are building a pool!  Check it out!  Photos

12/2/01 - Some updated pictures of some xmas stuff as well as the new truck and the bird house  Photos

8/28/01 - Oh the money we have spent.....  There is so much to buy when you first move into a house.  Here are some pics I took around the house while I was waiting for the satellite installer to show up.  Photos

7/29/01 - We have been in the house a week.  We have the living area pretty cleaned up but lots of boxes await in the garage.  We have installed a ceiling fan, motion detector and various other little things all in the first week.  Moving was a ton of work, but we are starting to have the great feeling of finally owning a single home settle in. This was the culmination of many years of planning and hard work.  To have it all finally come together makes us both very proud.  Updates from here on will be sporadic.  The next set will be when we have the house in tip top shape. Photos 

7/16/01 - We closed on the house, installed satellite and the antenna, we will be moving stuff in this week!

7/12/01 - We close on Monday!!  Only a couple minor details remain. Photos

7/4/01 - Blinds are in, AC is on, water hooked up, cleaning was done.  Only a few touchups remain.  Photos

6/26/01 - Carpet is done, some appliances are in, heat pump installed, lanai done, most work is done! Photos

6/23/01 - Vinyl is down, carpet started Photos

6/21/01 - Carpet laid tomorrow, outside looks done, only this one pic 62101front.jpg (54231 bytes)

6/15/01 - Cabinets are in, electric & plumbing are hooked up, sidewalk done, doorbell works! Photos

6/8/01 - Exterior & interior painted, doors hung, inside A/C work done, culvert laid Photos

6/2/01 - Garage door installed, drywall finished, doors ready to be hung, it should be about a month yet Photos

5/26/01 - They installed all of the rough drywall in 1 day!! Wow! Photos

5/24/01 - Exterior stucco'd, insulation installed, drywall ready to roll! Photos

5/20/01 - Computer wiring done, front door in, drywall starts this week! Photos

5/17/01 - Visited without camera.  Windows have been put in.

5/15/01 - Utility work finished, and fixtures are starting to be put in.  Photos

5/10/01 - Utility work has been started.  Photos

5/08/01 - Interior framing is well underway! Photos

5/05/01 - Tar paper is on the roof, electric box added and more work on the well. Photos

5/03/01 - The roof is covered and a couple interior walls are up! Photos

4/28/01 - Framing inside and covering of the roof has begun. Next week should be busy! Photos

4/24/01 - We have the beginnings of a roof and the well has been dug. Photos

4/21/01 - Walls are filled, truss hangers are mounted for roof.  Photos

4/14/01 - All walls are finished.  Photos

4/10/01 - Went to lot after work.  Walls are on their way up!  Photos

4/7/01 - Visited lot again.  Plumbing is in, and so is the concrete floor!  Cinderblocks are ready to be stacked.  Photos

3/31/01 - Visited the lot with Kathy.  The rough plumbing appears to be complete.  One small step closer!  Photos

3/24/01 - Went out to clear some more palms.  Click here for today's photos

3/17/01 - Went to lot to clear brush from palms, and SURPRISE!, they started to clear already!  
Click here to see current photos

3/12/01 - Met with the Clearing company today out at the site of the lot to discuss the in's and out's of clearing the land.  Clearing is planning to start next week, and it should take 3-4 days.

3/9/01 - Permits picked up by the builder, lot is to close on Monday!

3/6/01 - Permits are ready to pull.  The title may transfer by the end of the week.  Clearing may start earlier than we thought!

  3/3/01 - Permits have been submitted, the builder is ready to close on the lot.  Clearing expected to start within the month.

AliwithLand.jpg (77253 bytes) Land.jpg (57622 bytes)

  This is the land on which our house will be built.
Photos taken Wed, Jan 17, 2001

holidaysample.gif (15755 bytes)  This is the sample model of the house we're building.  We will have a different entryway, and a darker roof, but the rest should be similar.