88 Vette Projects
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9-14-04 My final project occurred the day before I sold it.  I replaced the blower motor to address the weak flow from the AC vents.  It helped the problem but didn't completely solve it.  Evidently there is also an issue with the doors that control the airflow.  Oh well it no longer is my problem. I also adjusted the TPS to a point where it actually held idle all the time.  Ironically, just as I sold it, I was starting to enjoy it a bit more.  That always seems to be the case. Also pictured is what made me decide to sell the car. The old motor, 16 years can make them weak
9-13-04 To recharge the battery, I let the car run for a half hour or so.  Doing so resulted in it overheating and blowing the top radiator hose.  So I replaced the hose and then when I went to replace the thermostat I found yet another rig job.  The car had no thermostat.  I put one in and flushed out the coolant system.  The overheating appears to be fixed.

I soldered in the replacement TPS connector which appears to have fixed the hesitation, bogging down issue.  I grounded the low coolant sensor to get rid of the erroneous idiot light.

This latest episode of dealing with more rig jobs has convinced me to sell the Vette.  I see no light at the end of the tunnel with this car.  It's lived a rough life and I don't think it is worth spending a fortune to get everything right.  Someday I will buy another "fun" car but it will have less problems and I will be more careful in my selection process.

The latest and last rig job I plan to deal with....This is what happens to a radiator hose if the coolant hits 285Another angle of the hose carnage
8-28-04 The car started throwing 33 and 22 errors.  Replaced both relays for the MAF and the TPS.  When I took apart the TPS I wondered why it was held on with a plastic tie wrap.  After I pulled the connector apart, I saw why.  Another rig job, grrrrrrr. Look at the TPS connector, what a messThese are the 2 new relays for the MAFThe new TPS in place, however it still doesn't work right thanks to the bad connector.
8-14-04 Replaced the top frame for the rear storage compartments, the old frame was broken up badly The old broken frame in the carYou can better see how busted up it wasThe replacement frame in place
The finished product, damn the carpet is shitNow my storage bin compartments don't fall throughAnother pic of the finished product
8-2-04 Installed the passenger side footwell cover, it didn't have one

Replaced the fuse panel trim, the old one had red overspray from when the car was painted.

All the wires on passenger side were just hanging downHere is the coverInstalled in the car.  Damn the carpet looks like shit.The old fuse panelThe new fuse panel
7-26-04 Replaced the passenger side power lock solenoid, in the process I also was able to get the door panel mounted correctly to reduce the clatter coming from that door. Now I can lock and unlock BOTH doors with the switch on either door. Yahoooo! The replacement solenoid, had to cut out pop rivets and rig a new moounting method for the new one.
7-4-04 Replaced the driver's and passenger side windlace

Replaced the coolant sensor (didn't fix my low coolant idiot light problem)

Replaced one of the driving lights

Replaced tie wraps that were being used to hold spark plug wires with wire looms

Replaced the antenna mast that had a broken feeder ribbon gear with a new mast
Old drivers side windlaceLow Coolant sensor
Tie wrapped plug wires, ughMore tie wrapped plug wiresAntenna stuck in permanent up position
One of the replacement windlaceReplaced tie wraps with proper wire loomsReplaced antenna mast, it goes up and down now!
4-29-04 Replaced the passenger side door panel, the door top trim piece and the inner door support

Replaced the power lock connector and added the power lock switch on the passenger side (there was none)  Now The power lock switches work but only for the driver side door.  The passenger side wiring harness connector for the lock actuator does not appear to match.

Before and after pictures, take notice of the back of the old door panel with it's duct tape construction

View of the old panel, it fit like crap.The old top trim pieceNotice there is no power lock switch?
Nice repair job by prior owners huh?The new door panel in placeIt now has a functional power lock switch
4-11-04 Replace torn and worn shift knob with a used one in much better condition

Replaced one of the rear trays, the car is missing both of them

Replaced the emblem on the gas door

Have a bunch of parts to work on redoing the passenger door including a new panel, frame and a wiring harness for the power door lock.  Hope to get the courtesy door light switches, the trunk release buttons on the door and the power locks working.  Got a GM factory electrical manual for the 88 Vette which should be a huge help.

4-4-04 Got my hands on a fuse box cover finally

Scrubbed and cleaned out fusebox, every fuse has been replaced

Got 2 new speakers for the front, all 4 work now!
3-30-04  I replaced the old emblem with a new one

I also need to get a fusebox cover and ideally
replace the damn fusebox, it is a corroded mess.

I've already replaced the rear hatch release
solenoid, one power window switch, the remote
mirror control joystick, the shift boot, the driver side front tire and all of the lug nuts.