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Jim, Rich & Duf Duf&Ali at beach All of us playing video games Grant, Jim and Duf after winning at the beach Grant, Jim and Duf in action Duf serving up an ace
Duf driving 1 down Shawn & Ali at the beach Scott and I playing grass doubles Tim dinking around my block Duf serving at the beach Gary, Sue & Duf at the beach
Duf, Grant, Jim & Rich at the Pig & Dig Jim & Shawn playing doubles Post-Pig & Dig shot Pig & Dig hit Duf, Grant and Stacy More Duf, Grant and Stacy
Duf going up for a hit Jim, Shawn & Rich Jim, Rich, Mark and Duf Classic football form by Jim Speese Early morning vball with Jim, Rich and Shawn Ali playing beach 6's
2 football legends warming up More Arcade action Jim, Rich Mark & Shawn More of the same Strategy Meeting Tvb.jpg (49724 bytes)

Topton Vball, Shawn, Rich, Jim, Todd

Tvb1.jpg (50155 bytes)
Shawn hitting
Tvb2.jpg (50738 bytes)
Todd blocking
Tvb3.jpg (48889 bytes)
Shawn passing
Tvb4.jpg (50745 bytes)
Shawn hitting
Tvb5.jpg (47676 bytes)
Tvb6.jpg (40998 bytes)
Yet another hit
Grotto.jpg (44969 bytes)
The gang at Grottos!
pd98-1.jpg (15850 bytes)
Post 1998 Pig & Dig Pic Including "Coach" Rich
pd98-2.jpg (13342 bytes)
1st of many hits at the Pig & Dig
pd98-3.jpg (15178 bytes)
A hit with stupid looking follow through
pd98-4.jpg (16918 bytes)
Looks like I hit this one on the way down
pd98-5.jpg (18010 bytes)
Grant and I look ready, Jim & Tim... well......
pd98-6.jpg (14436 bytes)
An actual Duf dink caught on film!
pd98-7.jpg (16163 bytes)
Me serving from waaaay back there
pd98-8.jpg (12091 bytes)
Me hitting over the annoying guy
pd98-9.jpg (15051 bytes)
A serve from a different!
pd98-10.jpg (15096 bytes)
Me hitting over the annoying guy again
pd98-11.jpg (14893 bytes)
Looks like I will hit through the annoying guy this time
pd98-12.jpg (15516 bytes)
Dinking around the annoying guy
pd98-13.jpg (14230 bytes)
A post hit shot
pd98-14.jpg (16500 bytes)
Looks like I got blocked or Jim set over (more likely)
pd98-15.jpg (15149 bytes)
Pic of team we lost to twice and shouldn't have
pd98-16.jpg (17654 bytes)
A pass
pd98-17.jpg (14271 bytes)
It's a bird, it's a plane...
pd98-18.jpg (16921 bytes)
Some dumb looking overhand pass
pd98-19.jpg (17249 bytes)
What great form...not.
pr98-1.jpg (14417 bytes)
A hit from the Pottstown Rumble
pr98-2.jpg (13454 bytes)
Good morning!
pr98-3.jpg (13939 bytes)
Good afternoon!
pr98-6.jpg (14972 bytes)
Good night!
pr98-4.jpg (14167 bytes)
Setting Rich really high on this one
pr98-5.jpg (13508 bytes)
The perfect pass!
wdg1.jpg (43395 bytes)
Our formal volleyball clothes