Indoor Pics
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sjvb.jpg (60817 bytes)
Shawn makes the perfect pass to Jim
sjvb2.jpg (67677 bytes)
There's a block? Who cares!
sjvb3.jpg (56981 bytes)
Shawn goes low for a serve
sjvb4.jpg (64675 bytes)
Follow thru of a yes, "placement" shot
sjvb5.jpg (65132 bytes)
Jim almost hits his head on the rim
sjvb6.jpg (62574 bytes)
Looks like another directional dink
sjvb7.jpg (64000 bytes)
A picture perfect overhead reception of serve
sjvb8.jpg (69825 bytes)
Who will be the lucky recipient of this hit?
sjvb9.jpg (60423 bytes)
Shawn starts the pass, what is Jim waiting for?