Fall 99 Shore Pics

The weather at the shore was absolutely perfect.  We had a great weekend.  Rich and I chalked up another big victory in our first time playing doubles at the shore.
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brian1-999.jpg (97840 bytes)
Brian follows through on a serve
brian999.jpg (98529 bytes)
Brian at the point of contact
gang999.jpg (137093 bytes)
The Reading gang shaking hands
gary999.jpg (99165 bytes)
Gary on the move!
rich1-999.jpg (101633 bytes)
Rich making a great effort on a ball
rich2-99.jpg (112675 bytes)
Another diving effort by Rich
rich3-999.jpg (104956 bytes)
A hit in the finals
rich4-999.jpg (100449 bytes)
Rich serving a point
rich5-999.jpg (109909 bytes)
Good form right before the kill
rich999.jpg (108841 bytes)
Follow through on a clean hit
shawn10-999.jpg (104354 bytes)
A block in the finals!
shawn11-999.jpg (104458 bytes)
Shawn hits one
shawn12-999.jpg (115050 bytes)
Shawn extends for a save
shawn13-999.jpg (126367 bytes)
Shawn gets an arm on this dink over the block
shawn14-999.jpg (127072 bytes)
This was the up that Rich finished on championship point
shawn1-999.jpg (119447 bytes)
Shawn on a no-block hit
shawn2-999.jpg (107734 bytes)
My serve looks the same
shawn3-999.jpg (101316 bytes)
Getting up for a hit
shawn4-999.jpg (107142 bytes)
My serve still looks the same
shawn5-999.jpg (103853 bytes)
Shawn tries to bring one back from deep
shawn6-999.jpg (123664 bytes)
A dig that we turned into a point
shawn7-999.jpg (111076 bytes)
This went back over, came back to us and we got the point
shawn8-999.jpg (99699 bytes)
Opening pass in the finals
shawn999.jpg (124162 bytes)
A nice defensive play
shawn9-999.jpg (126403 bytes)
A save for a point
yohan.jpg (99239 bytes)
A picture of Yohan the Explorer
victory1-999.jpg (98387 bytes)
Rich celebrates our victory with his tongue out
victory2-999.jpg (98251 bytes)
Shawn celebrates victory with a cheesy smile
victory999.jpg (126650 bytes)
Rich and Shawn celebrate victory with our customary 2  high hand slap!