Fall 98 Shore Pictures

This was one of the most promising and disappointing tournaments I played in. I had a great time as always however Rich was hurt for Saturday's match (detached hamstring no less!) and on Sunday we lost to a team I couldn't stand and we should have beaten!
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fall98-1.jpg (13215 bytes)
Me delivering one of my deadly jump serves!
fall98-2.jpg (9456 bytes)
Bringing a ball back from way out
fall98-3.jpg (10814 bytes)
A hit
fall98-4.jpg (10839 bytes)
A hit over
fall98-5.jpg (11966 bytes)
Ali serving it up!
fall98-6.jpg (12513 bytes)
Ali getting ready to hit
fall98-7.jpg (12466 bytes)
Ali connecting!
fall98-8.jpg (12977 bytes)
Ali passing one over the net
fall98-9.jpg (12273 bytes)
Ali making a pass
fall98-10.jpg (13094 bytes)
A hit around crafty Brian!
fall98-11.jpg (13504 bytes)
Take off against Brian's team
fall98-12.jpg (12683 bytes)
A directional dink that Brian is wise to.
fall98-13.jpg (13065 bytes)
It all starts with a good pass!
fall98-14.jpg (12699 bytes)
A shot pre-impact
fall98-15.jpg (12039 bytes)
Ali serving and styling at the same time!
fall98-16.jpg (11979 bytes)
Ali making a nice save
fall98-18.jpg (9027 bytes)
Shrug those shoulders!
fall98-19.jpg (10232 bytes)
Getting ready to hit on the trashcan man
fall98-20.jpg (9840 bytes)
What the hell was this?
fall98-21.jpg (8188 bytes)
Me diggin trashy's hit
fall98-22.jpg (9528 bytes)
Me hitting a back set
sh1.jpg (37325 bytes)
Jim skying for a block
fall98-23.jpg (9268 bytes)
It's easier to pass when you are facing the target
sh2.jpg (45132 bytes)
Hitting over
sh3.jpg (39032 bytes)
Will Jim ever land?
sh4.jpg (42616 bytes)
Jim using the face block
sh5.jpg (30870 bytes)
Brian, Rich, Jim, Shawn & Gary looking at Big Bear
sh6.jpg (38542 bytes)
Rich doing ab crunches while playing!
sh7.jpg (35889 bytes)
Right handed dink
sh8.jpg (32456 bytes)
Jim climbing on Rich
sh9.jpg (42923 bytes)
sh10.jpg (34781 bytes)
Walking back with no celebration
sh11.jpg (33596 bytes)
Admiring the results of Jim's rocket
sh12.jpg (40587 bytes)
Sloppy looking pass
sh13.jpg (51050 bytes)
Jim congratulating Rich on playing in pain
sh14.jpg (54877 bytes)
Jim break dancing on the sand
sh15.jpg (35464 bytes)
Target: back line
sh16.jpg (29874 bytes)
Cover shot for Volleyball magazine
sh17.jpg (27932 bytes)
And again...
sh18.jpg (31065 bytes)
Would you dare to play this team??
sh19.jpg (24447 bytes)
Hmmm who doesn't fit in this picture?
sh20.jpg (38081 bytes)
Did piglet do anything good this match?
sh21.jpg (44917 bytes)
Jim decides against jumping off Rich's back
sh22.jpg (40534 bytes)
Rich going for the rebound
sh23.jpg (34497 bytes)
Someone is gonna get hurt
sh24.jpg (33552 bytes)
Jim watching the ball go by
sh25.jpg (23809 bytes)
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's........Jim
sh26.jpg (22332 bytes)
Duf sending one back across
  sh27.jpg (24062 bytes)
Jim jumped so high his leg prostesis' fell off!
sh28.jpg (23815 bytes)
The Intimidator