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It's always tough to dig a ball that's landing short, and many defensive players simply don't try. Other than making the initial motion to lunge forward, the key to digging a ball that is falling short is getting your hands and wrists under it.

Think of the dig as if your hands and wrists are the head of a nine-iron or pitching wedge in golf. The way to get the ball up high is to get under it at the right angle. If you can do this, you'll get a lofting backspin action on the ball just like a golfer would on the iron shot.

Remember that when the ball is well in front of you, your thumb knuckles and wrists will be the point of contact, not your forearms. Quickly scoop your hands under the ball just before it reaches the floor and slide your hands forward in a follow through motion.


Courtesy of Mike

Mike Schiegel

Volleyball Magazine