2011 Volleyball results
13 wins - 8 losses   :)

Date Location Play Level Format Surface Teammates End Result Notes
6/24/11 Pottstown, PA BB Doubles Grass Charlie 6-3 My return to the Rumble after a 3 year hiatus was a successful one.  Despite both Charlie and I back-burnering volleyball on our priority list in recent years we had some good success on the court, finishing 6-2 in our pool before losing in the playoffs to a team that had a real blatant sandbagger.  We both had a great time just being out there.
4/30/11 Siesta Keys, FL BB Doubles Sand Tabby 7-1
What a difference two weeks makes. Other than a bad stretch in the 2nd game which resulted in our only loss of the day, we played great.  The combination of Siesta Keys packed sand and Tabby's consistent passing and setting resulted in some of the best play on the court I have been part of.

For the first time in years I actually felt confident hitting the ball, putting away hits consistently as the day went on.

It was very hot for April, we had two teams forfeit mid-game due to cramping.  After winning the division we followed up with three more wins in challenge games.  It was a great day.

It was my first division win since 2008.
4/16/11 Deerfield Beach, FL BB Doubles Sand Jeremy 0-4
No place
Jeremy and I had last played volleyball last summer when we had some surprising success.  There was no success this time around. 

Jeremy's power lifting program of the last few month's has packed on the pounds.  The additional bulk didn't seem to help him on the court.

I felt extremely rusty early on but played slightly better as the day went on.  Even so we were totally out of sync more often than not.  I again played the right side which feels all kinds of f'd up.  I think that experiment is over.

The only saving grace was we were playing in a merged A/BB division.  Even so we were in pretty much every game.



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