2008 Volleyball results
16 wins - 7 losses   :)

Date Location Play Level Format Surface Teammates End Result Notes
4/19/08 Siesta Key, FL BB Doubles Sand Randall 6-2
1st place
Based on my recent volleyball performances I had no expectations for the tournament.  After we lost our last two pool games to teams we should have beaten causing us to have to play a mini-playoff game just to make the real playoffs I thought it was going to be yet another disappointing finish.

However Randall carried us in the mini-playoff game and then my play picked up a bit and we somehow managed to win the division. It's my first time I won since DECEMBER 2004, a hell of a long time. 

Our play during the day was never spectacular, it was more workmanlike and consistent.  The times we lost the consistency were the games that we lost.  You would have thought that winning after such a long drought would have resulted in a wild celebration by myself.  It wasn't the case, it was more of just a quiet pride I took in being able to still play at least a little bit, even after 40 years clicked by on the odometer.

6/21/08 Pottstown, PA BB Doubles Grass Randall 4-4 After the disastrous 2006 Rumble I was pretty much sure I would never be playing the Rumble again but here I was.  Our consistency wasn't there for most of the day and it hurt us.  A crushing choke in our second game after being up 10-5 set the tone for the day.  We had to win the last two games in pool to make the playoffs and instead we lost them both.

I hit well, made a few nice saves and served well.  The other parts of my game were average. It was disappointing to miss the playoffs once again.  I was glad though to walk away from the tournament without any major injuries.

9/13/08 South Beach, FL BB Doubles Sand Randall 6-1
2nd place
Even though it's been 2 1/2 months, my hitting shoulder was STILL somewhat sore from the Rumble.  We breezed through most of pool play.  The skill level of many of the teams was lacking allowing us to win rather easily even while making too many unforced errors.

In the finals we finally played a team that we couldn't play sloppy against and win.  The unforced errors came in bunches dooming us after the game started out about even. 

I played some good hustling D, served rather well but only had an average day hitting the ball due to protecting the shoulder.  All in all it was a great way to wind up my incredibly short three tournament 2008 season.  At least the winning percentage is good.



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