2001 Volleyball results
Y2K1 results to date: 14 wins - 6 losses   :)

Date Location Play Level Format Surface Teammates End Result Notes
5/12/01 Rehoboth, DE BB Triples Sand Jim, Rich 8-0
1st Place
My first games played that meant anything since June of 2000.  The only negative about the whole experience was the turnout sucked.  The entire division was one net.  However, the competition was adequate and it was good enough for me to give my knee a good test of how it would hold up.  The weather, the net location, the wind, my teammates and the end result could not have been any better.  We played very consistent ball throughout the day and were never really in danger of losing a game.  The three of us played like the first time we won at the shore years ago (but we play better now)  A very enjoyable win.  My knee hurt afterwards but not the debilitating type of pain I was afraid of.  Maybe I can finally start playing some volleyball down here in Florida!  
7/7/01 Fort Lauderdale , FL BB Doubles Sand Rich 3-2
5th place
Our first experience playing in the brutal Florida summer heat.  The competition level was good for BB.  I was hampered by knee issues again.    Every game was a struggle.  We lost in the first round of playoffs to a team we should have beaten but that was because I didn't play very well.  The tournament had very nice facilities but had some of the worst players when it came to sportsmanship that we ever saw.  It was a good experience and we will do better the next time. This tournament was number one for the amount of nicknames we came up with. If you would like to see a more detailed description, click here.
8/11/01 Siesta Keys, FL A Doubles Sand Jim 0-3
No place
I thought I would be able to play decent even though I did not touch a volleyball since Rich was down.  Well I didn't.  The competition level was very high.  We should have won our last match but managed to squander that away. Not a very good day.  The one game pool play format is very unforgiving.  We should have played BB.  However, it was a very nice tournament held in a great location.  
9/15/01 Rehoboth Beach, DE A Triples Sand Jim, Rich 3-1
2nd place
In sharp contrast to the Spring tournament, this one had everything going against it.  The terrorism tragedy was on everyone's mind, we DROVE 1200 miles,  it was cool, very windy, we got a late start so we played a short schedule and turnout sucked again.  The wind turned games into sloppy events that weren't much fun.  One of the biggest offensive weapons of the day was the "just in" serve.  Probably my last tournament of 2001.  I only played 20 tournament games all year.... what a change.  But my winning percentage still looks good. :)



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