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2000 Volleyball results
Y2K results to date: 28 wins - 17 losses   :)

Date Location Play Level Format Surface Teammates End Result Notes
2/26/00 Lancaster, PA BB/A Doubles Indoor Jim 5-1 
3rd place
My first tournament since September.  I physically felt good (for the first time in a long time)  We played well, had command in our playoff game but couldn't finish it.  This tournament featured many teams that play A/AA as well.  All things considered, I am happy for a first tournament back.
3/18/00 Lancaster, PA BB/A Doubles Indoor Jim 3-4
5th place
We both have been sick for a week or so.  I just felt out of it for most of the night.  We played ok, made the playoffs but lost our first match in a bad manner.  We both played well and poorly at different spots during the night.  My knee is aching again, looks like more time off...
4/22/00 Lancaster, PA BB/A  Doubles Indoor Rich 0-5
Last Place
We lost every game..... we haven't played together since last September... it showed.  (3 of the 4 final teams were off our net and the other 2 that didn't make playoffs have both won tournaments before as well) BB/A evidently has a new meaning in Lancaster)
5/13/00 Rehoboth Beach, DE A Doubles Sand Rich 7-2
6th Place
Best weather I have ever seen for a spring tournament.  Our net was weak for A.  We won the net, waited 3 hours and then lost quietly in our first playoff game.  Overall we played ok, (considering I am on 1 1/2 legs) still, I expected we would have played better and I was disappointed we did not advance further.
5/14/00 Rehoboth Beach, DE BB Triples Sand Rich, Heather 9-2
2nd Place
Another great day weather-wise.  I felt we played much better.  A big part of that was having Heather on our team, she saved many points during the day.  We had tough competition all day and lost the finals 15-13 on a hands call.  Tough way to lose.  My knee is toast.
6/24/00 Pottstown, PA A Doubles Grass Rich 4-4
? Place
No fireworks this year.  I didn't feel I played very well at all.  There were 3 good teams on our net.  We split with 2 of them and lost 2 to the other.  Even with the move up in level, I thought we could make playoffs.  I was wrong.  Last tournament as a PA resident for me.  Knee surgery next week.  Hopefully I can get back to where I was.

My 2000 season ended sadly in June.  I had orthroscopic knee surgery in June of 2000 and again in December of 2000 because I didn't think the first one did much good.  After my second operation I realized that my knee will never be 100% again and I just have to live with what I have.  Since early 2001 I have been slowly been getting back on the court doing volleyball drills trying to work back into playing.  My first tournament of this year is planned in May of 2001.  Hopefully it will be the start of a successful comeback story.  I have put tons of sweat, effort and time (and money!) into getting back to playing vball.  My life has a little hole in it since I haven't been able to play. :(


Last updated 08/19/08