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Summer Tournament Results

Date Location Play Level Format Surface Teammates End Result Notes
3/7/98 Lancaster, PA BB Doubles Indoor Jim 6-2 2nd place Bleary eyed by the end of this one, got done around 1:30 am
4/13/98 Lancaster, PA BB Doubles Indoor Rich 4-3 3rd place This tournament featured a young cocky team that were obvious sandbaggers
5/9/98 Ocean City, MD BB Triples Sand Jim, Rich 6-2 2nd place Conditions were so bad that we dropped after getting to playoffs.
5/10/98 Ocean City, MD BB Doubles Sand Christa 9-2 1st place Hellacious playing conditions, 30 mph wind, rain and 55 degrees, game of survival
5/16/98 Horsham, PA BB Doubles Grass Jim 8-2 3rd place We played well and lost a tough match, I thought the prizes for this tournament sucked. 
6/6/98 Strasburg, PA BB Doubles Grass Rich 6-1 3rd place Windy and cool day, we should have won the whole thing, had to wait 3.5 hours from last game to start of playoffs
6/27/98 Pottstown, PA BB Doubles Grass Rich 9-2 5th place 19 nets of BB, good competition, rockin music, a good time. Found new sources of power - Smarties & Tattoos. The team we lost to won the event. (we could have beat them.)
7/5/98 Brandywine, PA BB/A Doubles Grass Ali 1-5 7th place Ali's first time playing doubles with me on grass. Worst I have played all year. The competition level was high. Nice playing conditions.
7/11/98 Allentown, PA BB Doubles Grass Rich 9-2 1st (tie) We started terrible but got better. Somehow managed to get to the end. We ran out of daylight for this one. Got to finally play Dolph!
8/2/98 Kennet Square, PA BB Quads Grass Jim, Grant, Tim 7-3 5th place Used tattoos, bandannas, taunting t-shirts and negative reinforcement but still didn't advance very far. It still was fun and all in all we played pretty well. Fantastic weather.
8/22/98 Gap, PA BB Doubles Grass Tim T 4-3 4th place First time Tim has played doubles. We did ok. Was very warm & humid. We had our best match first and kinda tailed off from there.
9/5/98 Brandywine, PA A Doubles Grass Tim T 5-4 6th place Came back from 1-3 start to make playoffs but then got spanked by Chris and Tim in playoffs. Revenge will be mine!
9/13/98 Horsham, PA BB Doubles Grass Ali 2-10 6th place 7 team pool, someone thought it would be good idea to play 2 to 11. 12 games later it was a bad idea. We played better and were competitive against high level BB teams.
9/19/98 Rehoboth, DE BB Mens Triples Sand Jim. Rich 8-2 3rd place Rich played hurt and was the setter.   All things considered we did very well and probably could have won it all with some luck. The team we lost to won the division.
9/20/98 Rehoboth, DE BB Coed Triples Sand Cathy, Jim 7-1 3rd place This was my most disappointing loss ever. We were the best team in the division and gave the game away.  The team we lost to won the division. We had great weather both days.
10/24/98 Lancaster, PA A Coed Doubles Indoor Ali 3-5 4th place My first time making playoffs with Ali. I could have played better, good level of competition. Jim got mad.
11/7/98 Lancaster, PA BB Doubles Indoor Jim 5-2 3rd place High level BB competition, I thought we had a good shot to win it all but we lost in the first playoff game.

Baumgardner Results

Doubles - Jim Speese/ Me 19-10
Triples - Jim Girard/ Steph / Me (& various subs) 28-7

My total win loss record for 1998: 146 wins 68 losses

Last updated 08/19/08