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This cam was in my office at work. It ran on a Logitech Orbit MP webcam. It's offline now, all that is left to admire is a partial headshot and my gym water bottle.  Enjoy!

  When it was in operation, you normally would only see action here Monday through Friday from 8 to 5.
  Here is a brief schedule (all times EST) of some of the exciting activities you can view here on a daily basis:

7:45am to 9:30am - Me drinking coffee

11:15am to 11:30am - Me eating my lunch I bring to work everyday in my red lunch box

11:40am to 11:50am - Me changing for the gym, you may see a bare arm or worse

11:55am to 1:05pm - Probably see a lot of an empty chair and maybe some heads peering in to see if I am there

1:10pm to 1:30pm - Preparing and drinking my Labrada Lean body protein drink

4:40pm to 4:45pm - Me gathering up my junk in prep for heading out the door, may see me changing clothes again

4:50pm to 4:55pm - Lights out, I leave a few minutes early to beat the horde

Throughout the day there are plenty of other exciting moments like me drinking water, talking to people in my office, yawning, talking on the phone, staring at my LCD screen, blowing my nose and who knows what else, you'll just have to tune in and see!

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