Charming Boy, Tuki!

tukipnut2.jpg (42005 bytes)Tuki and his favorite treat.

tuki1.jpg (64793 bytes)Charming boy, Tuki.

Tuki is a Senegal Parrot who loves to get as much attention as you can give him.  He's the baby of the group.  He loves to be scratched, and he loves to get into whatever he can.  He loves to 'click' to the beat of music, can say his name pretty darn well, flip upside down so he can hear "Weeeeeee!", ding-a-ling his bells for attention, and likes to dance with his Momma (me) when music is on.  He's become very good at untying knots and ripping through wooden blocks.  Other than his piercing screech that he gives when he knows we're leaving for the day, he's an adorable addition to our "flock".  We celebrate his birthday as January 8, 2000. 

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