The 99 Rumble PICS
You gotta see it to believe it!


tantrum4.jpg (20115 bytes)
One of the tantrums thrown by an opposing player in the finals. Arrows point to player and ball.  This was done via fist
tantrum6.jpg (20376 bytes)
This was the king of all tantrums.  This time he kicks it like Pele.   Maybe soccer is his real sport?  This went 2 nets behind us.
semiceleb1.jpg (13259 bytes)
Rich and I celebrating our semi win that required us to come back from countless match points served against us. Arrow points to where the match ended seconds before.
rumble99-9.jpg (49053 bytes)
Rich serving in an early match
rumble99-1.jpg (61657 bytes)
Rich hammers a hit off the block
rumble99-2.jpg (51550 bytes)
Shawn getting ready to hit one
rumble99-3.jpg (57923 bytes)
Shawn getting ready to hit the angle
rumble99-4.jpg (50721 bytes)
Can you tell it was very hot & humid?
rumble99-5.jpg (55954 bytes)
A rare line shot is on target
rumble99-6.jpg (61054 bytes)
Rich powers a hit through a block
rumble99-7.jpg (58691 bytes)
Great hitting form on this one
rumble99-8.jpg (69655 bytes)
Shawn takes a hit high