2004 South Beach Pics
 The state championships for the Bud Light tour were at South Beach. Despite the threat from Hurricane Jeanne, they decided to go ahead and play.  It was mistake.  What was supposed to be a 2 day tourney was compressed into one afternoon/evening. The turnout was light for this tournament as well. Even with the hurricane bearing down on us we managed to win all of our pool games with some up and down play.  However the playoffs were compressed into rally games to 11 which is unheard of.  Once again, we fell apart in the playoffs having issues with unforced errors which kill you in rally games.  We lost both the semi-final and the 3/4 playoff game even though we were the top ranked playoff team.  Even though there are a couple mid to late October events left I am shutting it down for the year.  The last half of the season was more frustration than fun and I'm ready for a break from it.  South Beach itself was an awesome venue.  It's a shame we couldn't stay overnight to check it out more.  Damn hurricanes. Some pics have captions, mouse over to see them. Click on a picture to see a larger view.