2000 Rumble Pics

rblock.jpg (47433 bytes)
Nice block
rhit.jpg (39483 bytes)
This one scores a point
rhit1.jpg (52626 bytes)
Great hit
rhit2.jpg (41256 bytes)
Noone's there
rhit4.jpg (53443 bytes)
Another great hit
richd.jpg (44873 bytes)
Digging some heat
richd2.jpg (44031 bytes)
Nice diving save
sblock.jpg (46964 bytes)
Looks like I jumped high (low net)
shit.jpg (44253 bytes)
A hit
shit1.jpg (53714 bytes)
Man my vert sucked on this
shit2.jpg (40951 bytes)
We get this point
shit3.jpg (48800 bytes)
Proof that I I can hit around a block!
sserve.jpg (63249 bytes)
Stretch couldn't get this serve
sset.jpg (53080 bytes)
The only know photographic proof of me hand setting